ratings agency

South Africa needs to raise its per-capita growth if it wants to see a ratings agency upgrade later this year.
We need meaningful transformation and empowerment to ensure all South Africans have a stake in the economy.
Treasury has halted the plan in attempt to stave off another downgrade.
Moody's has warned that SA and its neighbours will find it hard to borrow money soon.
“Moody’s views that China’s non-financial debt will rise rapidly ... are exaggerating difficulties facing the Chinese economy."
The reappointment of Molefe as CEO of Eskom will do more than raise eyebrows.
But behind the scenes, ministers are mocking the ratings agencies.
Ratings Agency Standard & Poor's has downgraded some of SA's banks, and the costs of this could be passed down to consumers.
While the impact of the ratings downgrade will not be felt now. But in the longer term, petrol and food prices will go up.