Ray Charles

There's not an obvious connection to be made between the death of one of the finest and most charismatic soul singers there ever was, Bobby Bland, and the imminent Cabinet reshuffle that David Cameron is rumoured to be planning. But a weekend conversation with a friend and ex-colleague has, this morning, proved an unlikely source of inspiration.
A blind Golden Retriever puppy named Ray Charles is melting hearts across the globe, thanks to his very own Facebook page
I am all about going back to my roots, singing the songs that I love most and paying tribute to some of my favourite artists. And in every song that I sing, there's a little piece of the influencers and inspirations that I encountered on my musical journey.
'We're a gigging band in Scotland,' Andy Clucas tells me. 'We started as an acoustic band back in the winter of 2007, and a lot of people told us we had a Dexys [Midnight Runners] sound, probably because our sound is...eclectic.'
Some people's perception of a musician's life style is that it is very glamorous and a walk in the park. As a musician I look out onto a world of people going about a seemingly normal nine to five lifestyle and their routine, and feel a mixture of envy and confusion.