Ray Lewis

T.I. has issued a stern warning to his celebrity peers meeting with Trump: "Do not accept any invitation to have any meeting
It is time black minority ethnics take responsibility for their own lives and stop making excuses. Growing up, I made quite a few mistakes myself. Sometimes I wrote off my own failings as just another example of the world trying to keep a person from a minority group down.
Tonight I will be working with the Mayor or London's inspirational director of mentoring Ray Lewis as he leads a new drive to increase the number of mentors available for young Londoners.
Thousands of plucky Britons will be trying to stay awake (and wondering why they did) at about 1am on Sunday night as they watch the Baltimore Ravens take on the San Francisco 49ers in this year's Super Bowl. But why should you care?
You would be hard pressed to find a Super Bowl that has as many interesting storylines and gossip tit-bits as the Forty Seventh Edition coming this Sunday February 3. This year the NFL has spoiled both the media and fans with numerous subjects discuss and analyze until kick off time.