Ray Quinn

"I’m nervous, honoured and most of all excited for this very different soap story to be told”.
I won the Champion of Champions final of the last ever ITV1 show and I've got to say a big thank you to everyone who voted for me. It's the greatest of privileges for me and I simply could not have done it without your votes. This week's blog is going to read like a rather emotional Oscar's acceptance speech and apologies for that in advance but it has to be said.
Former 'X Factor' star Ray Quinn has won the last ever 'Dancing On Ice'. The singer beat 'Coronation Street' actress Hayley
It's the final this Sunday and I'm going to re-double my efforts to come up with my best performance of the whole series. I will be quite happy that I won't have to be doing any more flying - it's wasn't my finest hour. I'll be keeping my feet on the ground in future - in all senses of the phrase.
I had been on tour eating take-away food and five cans of lager a night and was weighing in at 14 stone. I'm 5' 9" so I can't carry that amount of timber, I had a pot belly and I hated it, but not only was I in the worst shape of my life but I was also about to start the most physically demanding prime-time show on British telly.
Ray Quinn has stripped off to show off his impressive new body after losing two stone in just eight weeks as he prepared
There was a bit a controversy on Dancing on Ice this week - I was accused of giving the judges a one finger salute at the beginning of my performance. But it turned out after a few check backs from everyone including myself that I was innocent! Thank God.
The thing about these shows is that they become hugely addictive for those competing. It's great fun doing a bit of dress-up on a Sunday night, getting your spray tan and being taught to do some pretty dangerous lifts and jumps every week.