Ray Winstone

One company I work with is a digital brand film content outfit called Coast. They were commissioned by Prostate Cancer UK to deliver a film called Father's Day, and I wrote the script. The film is about a bunch of gangsters arranging a meeting to plan a heist. It stars A list British actors Ray Winstone.
Britain is being "raped" by high taxes, according to actor Ray Winstone. "I don't see what we're being given back," he told
The ten things you need to know on Sunday 10 March 2013... 1) WHO WILL RID OF ME OF THIS TURBULENT PRIEST? Ministers may
I started working at Xfm in late September 2011. My work experience was due to last two weeks; allowing me a brief but intense insight into life on a London breakfast show. On 21 December 2012, 16 months later, my work experience finally finished.
Recently I read that within 15 years the true London or "cockney" accent will be extinct. Immigration, the influence of film & music and the "Americanisation" of society will leave the Pearly Kings & Queens of the East End and the true cockney sparrows who were born within the sound of Bow Bells as dead as a Dodo.
Ray Winstone has attacked the "scumbags" he says are damaging the British film industry. The 55-year-old, who stars in a
Actor Ray Winstone today criticised the police and demanded answers after a man walked free after serving seven years for
Jaime Winstone admits that she remains in awe of her dad Ray as an actor, and was overwhelmed to be on set with him in their
Remember the tight trousers, the leather jackets, above all the Ford Consul? 30 years after The Sweeney set the bar for police
I haven't felt such compulsion to be in front of a telly for a period drama since the 1990s adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Colin Firth's Mr Darcy got his frilly shirt wet.