With issues of racial politics being so high in the news agenda at the moment, pop cultural commentators have been sharpening
Bruno Mars' music is full of swag, and he knows exactly who he has to thank for that. In the February cover story of Latina
Lemonade appears to be closing the door on a chapter. A door intrusively pushed ajar by an unsuspecting elevator surveillance tape. The public clamoured for an explanation, however, Beyonce's true response was never likely to please everybody.
Your true strength and character is revealed in how you rise up from your battles. Triumph isn't given, it is earned from how you make your comeback into the spotlight and how you show the world that you are ready to return. It's in how you bring light and inspiration by giving your best, authentic self to your craft and audience fearlessly, despite the odds. And JoJo did just that.
Now Malik has the potential to create something magnificent. Something sincerely innovative, by rejecting the constraints imposed upon him, he can reveal himself on his own terms, experiment with the medium, recreate himself and his image.
Tallia Storm has been dubbed 'Tiny Chancer' after leaving her demo CD with Sir Elton John's partner, David Furnish when she was just 13. Now at 16, still a very young girl with a very big voice, Tallia is not only known for her soulful singing, but also for her unique fashion choices and big hair!
He's sold over 50million records and counting and transcends geographical boundaries and age barriers. He is the Michael Jordan of R&B. But don't take my word for it. Check out the facts...
So after revisiting Fatima I gave the other Elgo Records musicians a listen while browsing artwork by the visual artists signed to the label. Let me show you what I found.
Bridget Kelly, the U.S R&B songstress blessed UK soil with her presence for the 2nd time as she performed at London's prestigious
Already creating a buzz with the standout single 'All on me' receiving radio airplay (Bang Radio) and industry acclaim, Dungeons & Dragon promises to treat the listener to an array of street anthems with tracks like 'Bummy' and 'Bun a Bridge'.