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A mum-of-four has revealed how covering her mastectomy scars with a Wonder Woman tattoo made her feel strong and fearless
'To be able to continue leading what could be classed as a fairly normal life is pretty amazing.'
For most women in their twenties and thirties, success often means a high-flying job or owning a house. But for Kris Hallenga
Rejection - one of the harshest parts of life. If there is one experience that all we humans have faced in our life that
'In 2010, she was diagnosed with renal failure - and that's when we realised the damage had been done.'
Patricia Carroll, 65, has gone through what no parent should ever have to: her daughter Natalie died aged 38, after a long
'I can’t respond or snap out of it until the emotion stops.'
A mum has a rare disorder which means her body goes to sleep every time she laughs or orgasms. Jessica Southall, 20, has
'Nobody knows what sepsis survivors are going through aside from other survivors.'
If you’ve survived sepsis, it goes without saying you’re one of the lucky ones. Every year in the UK there are 150,000 cases