Deal With It is a new podcast that boldly addresses some of the most important issues we so often choose to ignore. In our fourth episode host Ellie Taylor talks relationships with psychology columnist Oliver Burkeman…
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Everyone who works with children wants to help and protect them. But as a recent report revealed that only one in 8 cases of child sexual abuse is being reported, something is clearly not working.
Having weathered several episodes of depression with an incredibly strong man by my side, I've seen first hand the impact it can have on a partner, and consequently on the relationship.
He's Just Not That Into You is brought to us by two of the writers behind HBO's Sex and the City, so it's bound to be good then!? Riiight. Very, very wrong.
During a discussion with my flatmates recently, I told everyone in attendance that no matter what happens when I go home, she'll always end up making pretty much all the cups of tea for everybody else because she loves making sure everyone is properly fed and watered. I even went so far as to predict that even if I tried, she'd still end up making more cups of tea than me when I next visit.
Your relationship has ended. You suffer through all that comes along with a breakup--the tears, the eating your feelings. Then perhaps you've accepted a date invitation with that cute guy from the gym. And just like clockwork, as if they can smell the scent of you getting over them, your ex asks if you can meet for coffee.
As my very wise and wonderful girlfriend said this week "life is all about maintaining the correct balance between the things that matter most in life."
Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom there lived a blonde princess who dreamed someday her Prince would come to rescue her
Contrary to the long-held view that women are motivated by romance and commitment when it comes to relationships, one in