People who are able to rise above their instincts are likely better problem-solvers.
Do you know the difference between Marvel and DC Comics? Find out if rapper Sizwe Moeketsi does.
This week, verdicts were passed on two men accused of sexually abusing minors. The manner in which the verdicts were passed could not have been more different...
Being in government is a privilege. You have the power to influence peoples lives for the better. But at present this government is betraying that responsibility. Theory, and ideology is important, but it stands or fails on real world outcomes.
In trying to disparage 'faith', Dawkins and his allies constantly confuse 'evidence' with 'proof'; those of us who believe in God do so without proof but not without evidence. As the Oxford theologian (and biophysicist) Alister McGrath has observed: "Our beliefs may be shown to be justifiable, without thereby demonstrating that they are proven."
Last month Cern, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, held a three-day conference between some of Europe's most renowned scientists and a few groups of people whose understanding of particle physics is probably dubious at best; namely theologians and philosophers.
I understand that people are disturbed by the violence in London, but people are asking why I'm condoning or defending the