Rebel Alliance

Rebel alliance fears Tory Eurosceptics could game a no-deal Brexit by rejecting vital bills that put deal into law.
Johnson should brace himself for censure motions, urgent questions, and efforts to sabotage the Tory party conference.
Westminster returned from it’s summer break and with it the “Rebel Alliance” sought to stop no-deal Brexit from being possible for the new PM Boris Johnson. Whether it was Dominic Cummings or Johnson in a latex mask, the idea to prorogue parliament wasn’t received kindly, not least on Johnson’s own benches in the Commons. HuffPost UK Politics and Chris White from Newingtons takes you through what happened and what’s to come next as Brexit comes ever closer to passing.
Conservative MPs risk careers to join "rebel alliance" and inflict defeat on Boris Johnson. PM confirms he will call for a general election.
PM described as "unconvincing" on a new Brexit deal, but Johnson accuses rebels of "handing power over to a junta that includes Jeremy Corbyn".
Boris Johnson could be forced to delay Brexit to January 31 2020.
Boris Johnson's sister stands for pro-Remain party created by Independent Group of MPs.