Red Dwarf X

I haven't yet settled down and binged my comedy guts out on Arrested Development's new episodes, opting instead for a comparatively restrained viewing of the first two episodes last night. I'm not sure how the rest of the run pans out, but those opening episodes have left me fairly confident of a few things:
I have to say, season 10 is shaping up to be pretty good. Doug Naylor seems to have learn't from his mistakes - more commonly known as season 8 - and continues to bring us classic Dwarf. Two for two so far, lets hope episode 3 continues the trend.
This is an SOS distress call from a Red Dwarfer's sofa. The crew are dead, wiped out 3 million and 24 years ago by a radiation leak. The crew are dead (Dave) - they're all dead Dave. Dave, they're dead. Oh wait, no they're just really really really old!
Llewellyn says his son will also show up for the occasion: “I stupidly used the word ‘acting’ to describe what I was doing