reducing stress

It sounds logical enough. Stress is unpleasant. Doing unpleasant things makes us unhappy. Ipso facto, stress makes us unhappy. But the truth is, we need some stress in our lives.
Even though there are hundreds of effective meditation techniques, I would like to introduce you to a simple meditation technique called "Breathing Meditation." It's easy to do anywhere, anytime and it only take 5 minutes! A small investment for your own peace and well-being.
Grey matter consists of the distinctive brownish-grey neural tissue, which is found in your brain and spinal cord. As it is major component in the brain, many people associate grey matter with intelligence and intellect.
A new survey based on research by has revealed we are more stressed since the recession hit two years ago. At first sight, perhaps, a statement of the blindingly obvious. But teasing out the results shows worrying trends in behaviour that could exact a heavy toll on our health.