Despite their political differences, there is something that binds Boris Johnson, Nick Clegg and former French president Nicolas Sarkozy: they all descend from refugees.
A thorough review of the effectiveness and efficiency of tagging offenders is needed before the system is extended any further
Prisoners who have taken jobs outside jail are urging the High Court to rule that the levy on their wages which goes to victim
Passport-free travel is one of the perks of living in the EU, so what sort of crisis would constitute a valid reason for lifting that prerogative? MEPs have been asked to consider in what exceptional circumstances member states within the Schengen area would be allowed to reintroduce internal border checks.
Only when real middle incomes started to be severely squeezed in 2010 and 2011 did this debate start to gain political traction - and it is not going to melt away.
Although taxes are inevitably taxing, a proposal for a minimum rate of 0.1% set for shares and bonds and of 0.01% for derivatives in Europe has led to a fierce debate about what should be done to discourage reckless speculation.
Whether it is something in our characters or something about our health that needs improving, we don't have to pay homage to the status quo. We are equipped with the resolve we need to ring in the changes.
Drug policy reform has received many endorsees, from Kofi Annan and Richard Branson, to a fleet of Nobel Prize winners and
As a sports fan I was delighted London won the right to host the 2017 World Athletics Championships. Another major athletics event so soon after the Olympics, another chance to use the impressive infrastructure, another opportunity to cement and build on the legacy. What's not to like?
This is what women in South Africa are starting to do. Following the rape of several young girls in Johannesburg due to their 'disrespectful clothing' a few years ago, local charities encouraged women to protest. Hoards took to the streets, with placards declaring female independence and in doing so they highlighted the lack of action from the local government and police.