refugee camp

Others described how they and their friends and family looked at a similar age... Clare Moseley, founder of Care4Calais, said
By hiking into Calais town to use the launderettes there, asking French men in bars to use their washing machines (haha), and using everything imaginable as clothes horse's, our lovely Wild Washerwomen, against all odds, washed wildly, and continue to wash!
He just wanted to go to Italy on a walking holiday.
A Chinese tourist intending to take a walking holiday in Italy ended up unwittingly spending two weeks as a refugee in Germany
Pokemon Go has swept across the world in the last few weeks, so we took it to Calais to play it with our friends there...
Nine-year-old Haneen has not eaten for days and often cries herself to sleep. Born with physical disabilities, Haneen is unable to hear, speak or walk since birth - issues that would be challenging in any environment, let alone in a camp outside of Baghdad for people who have fled their homes.
The demolition is expected to begin this week. There are real human lives at stake, and there is only a small window of opportunity to make them just a little better. That's why the government can, and must, act.
As well as playing basketball with the children, Gasol chatted with Tolin and her sister. Tolin told him how she fled Syria with her family seven months ago to escape the violence and bombing. She also told him she still wants to be a doctor when she grows up, even though she hasn't been to school since she left Syria...
In March 2011, the wave of Arab Spring hit the administration of Bashar al-Assad when the people of Syria rebelled against