Thousands of prospective students are still queuing to register at Unisa after the university re-opened applications.
The university kept the gates closed, allowing entry to only 20 students at a time, in order to prevent a stampede.
Two student hopefuls have been hospitalised and several injured in a stampede at the Capricorn TVET college in Limpopo on Thursday morning.
No walk-in applications allowed at some tertiary institutions, despite call for free education.
It ranges from R1,200 to R22,000 to secure your spot in 2017.
After all, there will not be a whole country, a whole city or whole community greater than the sum of its parts, unless most citizens of the UK and Wales in particular feel that this land is theirs - ours and that we are in it, of it and willing to know it.
Registering to vote is never going to be a thrilling endeavour. But tomorrow is *cue fanfare* National Voter Registration