relationship building

All I'm asking is that people bring more of their life values into business with them. React more to colleagues as they would to their friends and see the whole picture rather than becoming embroiled in politics and the trappings of business.
I'm frequently asked about the best ways to keep in touch with your network, particularly when our schedules are so tightly packed. There are a number of approaches that make up an effective relationship-building strategy, including one to one meetings and proactive use of social media.
It is said that starved of love, the human soul dies. Lovers, friends, family, they are all part and parcel of the circle which grows the soul on its evolution through life.
There's been a buzz of activity around the fact that we at Investment Impact are a social business lately.
Anyone who has started their own business will understand that you live and breathe its ideals and its goals; sometimes you can scarcely talk about anything else and it is [almost] as precious as a child.
Successful businesses are founded on strong networks. Strong networks are formed from deep relationships. And deep relationships come from getting to know each person.