'McGowan is returning to a different world...he has also changed...his family has changed'.
We've spotted Da L.E.S, Maggz and Nadia Nakai too.
Don't get me wrong, I and millions of other women will be happy to have one breastfeeding emoji at least. Big thanks to Rachel Lee and Joshua Jones - the design may not be perfect but we owe them our gratitude for getting this far.
This was a special production, too, in that the parts of Shakespeare's 'Mechanicals', the working men of Athens who stage the play-within-a-play at Theseus and Hippolyta's wedding feast, were played by actors from local amateur dramatic groups in each region visited by the tour, and the parts of fairy attendants being played by local schoolchildren.
If you or your life is "stuck", then it is well worth looking back to see if there is anything unforgiven in your past. Remember to forgive everyone, especially yourself. So many people trudge through their lives burdened with guilt for this or that, forgive yourself and let it go.
Well here we are again! A new Government - albeit one that has the remnants of the previous - but nothing new in the UK's drug policy, at least in terms of what can be deemed progress by any rational measure. No, instead we have full blown regression, encompassed now in "New legislation [that] will ... ban the new generation of psychoactive drugs," it was announced Wednesday in the Queen's speech.
If you are caught carrying cocaine or cannabis in London, it does matter if you're black or white. Figures show that black
Soho Cigarette is Jonathan Fairbairn's debut feature film as writer/director. Shot on a small budget through crowd funded contributions, it follows D - a self-assured young Italian male - in and around the streets of Soho.
Ending the criminalisation of drug use would remove the need to unnecessarily search hundreds of thousands of people every year. Thus ensuring that the numbers of people, especially those from the black community, caught up in the criminal justice system is significantly reduced.
To everyone's surprise Alexei Navalny was released this afternoon, pending the results of his appeal. First interpretations