renaissance art

The artwork has been hotly debated for years, but its sale signals one thing absolutely: a "very unequal, even obscene distribution of wealth in the world."
Moroni is widely regarded as one of the finest painters of the 16th century, and a critical innovator in portraiture, in particular. Yet his name is not widely known by the general public so this new exhibition at the Royal Academy, the first ever large-scale display of his work outside Italy, is an important contribution in correcting this.
It's not just the myriad paintings, both large and detailed, along with the carefully selected sketches, writings and mathematical drafts from Michelangelo, it's also the loving and studious descriptions of each period of Michelangelo's working life, written by Thomas Pöpper, Christof Thoenes and Frank Zöllner. Their love for the artistic giant rings out loud and clear. Taschen have once more produced a treasure of art historical appreciation.
Rounding up faces only a mother could love, our new favourite tumblr is Ugly Renaissance Babies. This blog rounds up the
Oh, cats. Where would the internet be without you? Not since ancient Egypt have our feline friends been so widely worshipped