repeal the 8th

We must make sure the new law for which we've waited so long gives women genuine access to the care they need
Given the absence of a government in Northern Ireland, Westminster has a both a moral and legal duty to act
Abortion is not the product of a new relatively sexually liberated society. It is the product of a powerful age-old desire to be the master of your own life
In 1997, I was running an abortion referral clinic in Dublin. One of my doctors was arrested and there was a protest outside saying I was a killer
I was 18 years old, I had just lost my job; no money, no place of my own; and my boyfriend was at college. I wasn't ready to have a child, and I was absolutely terrified. I was lucky though, because I had a supportive partner and family. I was lucky I had a health service which recognised my right to decide what happened to my body and my right to professional support. I was lucky to live in a country where the government did not consider it a criminal offence to choose.
Abortion - one of the most discussed and defining issues in Ireland. As per the Eighth Amendment, "the State acknowledges
No woman should have to go through that against her will. No woman should have to scrabble about for money and shroud herself in secrecy at this already difficult time in her life. One on three women will have a termination at some point in their lives. It's not something that should be in any way taboo or indeed be legislated against.