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Former journalist Mina Mangal was shot in Afghanistan in broad daylight. She was on her way to her job as an advisor to the Afghan parliament's cultural affairs commission. She had posted on Facebook days before that she had received death threats. Activists are raising the alarm in Afghanistan as the US holds peace talks with the Taliban, as they prepare to move out of the country. Under the Taliban, women’s rights were severely restricted. Reporters Without Borders also listed Afghanistan as the deadliest place for journalists in 2018.
They are due to speak alongside a man who describes Sandy Hook as a 'mass shooting hoax'.
Leaders from Egypt, Turkey and Russia are grossly hypocritical for attending today's Paris march for the journalists murdered
The Commons, for the second time in a year, returned last week to debating the Kurdistan Region and, specifically, British relations with it. This is very unusual given that Kurdistan is a faraway place of which most British people are unaware. Such debates can change that.
Imagine a child, born, eyeless; earless and mouth-less. Imagine if the baby was a country, so precious, so new, and millions of its people died for its birth. Welcome to South Sudan, a country where freedom fever is frying as an idea at the core of its founding, freedom of speech, comes under fire.
This week I've found myself at odds with a number of friends and colleagues on the subject of press regulation, with the majority of my lefty acquaintances being in favour of Lord Justice Leveson's plan for an "independent regulator" underpinned by statute.
A law that allows authorities to take websites offline and force them to close has come into effect in Russia. The legislation
Since president Rafael Correa took office, his new measures have made Ecuador one of the countries in the world with the lowest press freedom scores at the moment. Reporters Without Borders reports that at least 17 broadcast media channels have been shut down since the beginning of the year.
Bahrain has been added to the list of "Enemies of the Internet" compiled by Reporters Without Borders. The country can boast
Italy said tonight that four Italian journalists have been abducted in Libya, and their driver killed. The news came as journalists