From 6th April 2017, large employers are under a responsibility to produce and publish a yearly report on their gender pay
The point is not that shorthand is pointless. If you want to learn it that's wonderful; broaden your skillset. But I can think of half a dozen skills I reckon you'd be better off acquiring to help you kick on in this journalistic rat race.
The country's supposed weirdness fascinates media to a point that they forget all standards of journalism when they report on North Korea. The audience used to exaggerated narratives rarely doubts the information. This is North Korea; anything can happen there.
Dear journalists... I understand that you want an interesting story and that you want to grip your readers and keep them reading on. I get that okay but when it comes to reporting on mental health please realise how important it is to report responsibly.
Most articles that have been written in the past few days have referred to Eugene Goostman as a "supercomputer", or a highly complex form of AI that we have never seen before. Something that will truly advance technology. Something that essentially, is smarter than a human being. They are wrong.
The world would be a poorer place if all journalists were nice guys. We're meant to be keeping the powerful in check, not being friendly with them. If the purpose of the free press really is to be the objective eyes and ears of the public, then we shouldn't be afraid to get our hands dirty. After all, someone needs to keep tabs on people who are even more psychopathic than we are.
It is the individuals who make the culture of the newsroom. With the news of Mishal Husain's appointment to the Today programme, we have an opportunity for the public to be informed by someone who seemingly understands the nuances of religion and community.
News outlets need to be held to account for their coverage of the headline-hitting English riots, a new report has argued.
When I landed in Sydney to cover my first Olympic Games, the signs were not encouraging. The signs in question said "Olympic Family" - pointing the way through the airport for all of us involved with the 2000 Games.
Headlines around the Euro crisis have resurfaced with a vengeance in recent weeks. The uncertainty surrounding the future of the Euro is taking its toll on financial stability and the markets.