When I was 20, I did something very ill-advised. Well, obviously I was 20, so most things I did were ill-advised. But this one turned out to be a political experience I'll never forget, so I thought I'd take a little break from election madness to tell you about it.
Gerry Adams has been warned of a "credible" death threat, Sinn Fein said. The party blamed those opposed to the peace process
The Queen is dead, long live the... president. And who should this bastion of democracy be? Richard Branson? Boris Johnson? Alan Sugar? Cheryl Cole-shortly to return as the nation's sweetheart?
New Zealand republicans made their feelings about the Royal visit Down Under quite plain on Friday afternoon, with an aircraft
2013 was the year Pope Benedict XVI took the unusual decision of resigning from his post, much to the surprise of those who had followed his works across the world. This year, our own defender of the faith is also resigning - to an extent...
A major bomb attack close to the border of Northern Ireland is believed to have been thwarted, with at least two mortars
When sport comes between England and Australia, fireworks - on and off the field of play - can often follow, so it's no surprise
The chances of Prince William leapfrogging his father to the throne increased dramatically this week. As the Prince of Wales heads further and further into unconstitutional waters by demanding his letters to government ministers remain private, William started to look like a much more eligible candidate for kingship.
The motion to abolish the monarchy won the vote in the end and sense won out.
First the Queen visits the Republic of Ireland, speaks Irish and then she surprises us once again and goes a step farther by going to Northern Ireland and shaking hands with Martin McGuinness.