This is Taylor at her best – not settling old scores that are past their expiration date, but writing the kind of lines reputations are made of.
Source: Flickr The decision taken by Transport for London (TfL) not to renew ride-hailing giant Uber's operating licence
Reputation is not a commodity that can be bought, but it is the very one that businesses rely on. In order to weather the storm, the self-proclaimed master of the deal desperately needs to start dealing in the same currency as his corporate counterparts.
From taxi rides to hot meals, couriers and crowdsourcing, there's no doubt that we're living in the age of on-demand. Mobile
This week's onstage shenanigans at the Oscars were a complete PR nightmare, from the logistical mistakes of the wrong Best
The net is not neutral, and the democracy we take for granted all too often, is precarious. It is worth fighting for, though. As is a hard won personal or professional reputation. Fake news flags up the fragility of these freedoms and I, for one, don't want the fraudsters taking them away.
Most of us are in agreement that the sharing economy is a good thing, for business and for society. Having trust in the people around us is usually a decent sign that things are going well, and the economic and environmental benefits are clear, too.
Of course it's a challenging job for a politician to completely rebuild their reputation as stories can materialise from their years in office at any point. But once Cameron establishes the right path for him, he will no doubt start to repair relationships and strengthen public opinion.