Reserve Bank

The curator of VBS has described a "fraudulent scheme of epic proportions".
The director of the company which is the majority shareholder in VBS is living the high life, while depositors struggle to draw R1,000 a day.
The ANC says it will consult widely on nationalising the Reserve Bank.
The DA says there needs to be an investigation into municipalities which deposited funds into VBS unlawfully.
VBS Bank has been flagged for possible fraud in an affidavit before the courts.
The Reserve Bank is looking at ways to regulate the fraud-hit industry in its infancy.
The Reserve Bank has rejected allegations that it is biased against black banks.
The company reportedly wants to cut ties with the Guptas.
But its likely that the IMF's outlook was compiled before the recent political developments.
The bank says nationalising it would be a damaging "cosmetic" exercise.