Retail Industry

Brands must put themselves in the minds and bodies of the customer. Personalised digital customer experience ensures that brands communicate in a relevant way.
The truth is Bangladesh remains the source of the cheapest labour for the global garment industry. As costs have increased in China, global fashion brands have switched production to cheaper factories in Bangladesh, resulting in the garment industry producing 10% of the country's GDP.
Abandonment rates are one indicator of the confidence consumers have in a store. Though some abandonment is normal it can have an impact on the bottom line if a lot of products are being dropped right before purchase. These are customers who were literally about to complete a sale but for what ever reason didn't feel comfortable enough to do so.
The trend for customers to shop less with their feet and more with their fingers has hastened the demise of recent high street casualties including Jessops, HMV, Blockbuster and Republic. The collapse of these household names is stark evidence of the fundamental shift in how we buy and what we buy.
Following last night's media speculation, troubled music retailer HMV has confirmed the appointment of Ian Kenyon as its
Why is it that a product or deal displayed in a retailer's store may not be available to buy online or vice versa? Or why is it sometimes not possible to return a product bought online to the same retailer's store?
In a winter of economic discontent, growing online sales combined with high street trading is a brighter outlook says James
The below recommendations are equally as applicable if a brand is not new to the web, but is looking to explore individual destinations for product ranges and/or services.
Last week I looked at how a website should be periodically reviewed to ensure that it's ready to handle and manage business
A rush of back-to-school and university purchases saw retail sales unexpectedly bounce back last month, official figures