They say variety is the spice of life and, if that's the case, retirement just got a lot more interesting following the Government's
Our latest report on global retirement trends, Life After Work?, which surveyed over 16,000 people, found that many retirees in Britain have regrets about their retirement planning. It revealed that almost two-fifths of UK retirees did not prepare adequately or at all for a comfortable retirement, leaving many having to make sacrifices in later life.
Of those who are currently retired in Britain, nearly two-fifths admitted that they had not properly prepared for the retirement they planned. Whilst some Britons are starting to realise the state of their finances before they retire, most are still only realising after they give up work.
The pensioner as entrepreneur is nothing new. Harland David Sanders (aka, Colonel Sanders) started Kentucky Fried Chicken when he was 65 years old (today a $15 billion company) and Ray Kroc was 52 years old when he started McDonalds (which, at revenues of $38 billion - including franchise stores - actually makes it the 68th biggest economy - larger than Ecuador).
People are living longer, and age need not be a barrier to coping with high pressure and high profile appointments. Think