Today marks the launch of Zeebox, a free app from the creator of BBC iPlayer, with the power to transform the way we watch television. With real-time news and tags, information about everything you're watching and built-in social features, it sounds like an all-singing-all-dancing souped up interactive TV guide.
Is it that time of year already? Awards season is well and truly upon us, and a whole host of stars gathered at the Beverly
I finally got round to watching the last installment of Harry Potter at the weekend; a beautiful mix of new age CGI wizardry
The rules on the use of the jockey’s whip in horse racing are to be tightened following complaints by animal welfare groups
Amongst the guest stars is a barely recognisable David Walliams as Gibbis; a member of an alien raced famed for it's cowardice.  It has become somewhat of a tradition to cast popular comedians in Doctor Who, with previous parts for Simon Pegg, James Cordon, Peter Kay and Catherine Tate, and Walliams put in a good performance.  He was given some of the best lines in an episode whose gag rate was a bit hit and miss.
Ladies, I've discovered a beauty revolution. Having tried out more mascaras than I care to count and every different type
One positive thing the current Tory/LibDem coalition is doing here in the UK is boosting protest rock and pop. To look at
Who would have thought 10 years ago that Jon Favreau; director of Elf, writer of Swingers and the only person over 12 stone
Conan the Barbarian 2011 is unlikely to win over any new fans but if your keen on frantic pacing, blood by the bucket load and abs and biceps galore, you may well have a decent night out, just remember to set your brain to pantomime mode!
Until three weeks ago I'd have said that the problem with representations of journalism in TV drama is that they make it