rhino poaching

Two alleged rhino poachers will be appearing in the Benoni Magistrates' Court on Friday. Here's an update on the rhino-poaching situation in South Africa.
A pride of lions reportedly devoured three poachers in an Eastern Cape game reserve, leaving only dismembered remains, an axe and a rifle.
South Africa has more than 80 percent of the world’s estimated population of just 25,000 rhinoceroses.
The myth is basically that in China and Vietnam, the rhino horn can cure cancer or acts as some sort of aphrodisiac.
A controversial three-day online auction of rhino horn kicked off in South Africa on 23rd August 2017, following a convoluted
Intruders broke into a French zoo, shot dead a white rhinoceros and made off with its horn, in the first such an incident on European soil.
He allegedly dehorned a rhino worth $120 000, the Zimbabwean state-owned Chronicle newspaper reported on Tuesday.
When you think of rhinos - horns, poaching and Africa - are probably conjured in your mind's eye and that's hardly surprising
As one of the poster children for world animal conservation, the Rhino gets plenty of attention and plenty of column inches. But how much real help? How much real progress to protect it? Well, new figures published recently by the IUCN tell a chilling story.
Official figures released in South Africa have shown a slight decrease in the number of rhinos poached in 2015. In the first