Richard Corbett

Party's leader and deputy leader in the European Parliament back plan ahead of crucial manifesto meeting.
The issue is incredibly divisive within the Labour hierarchy, with splits in the shadow cabinet.
The words 'confirmatory vote' could make Corbyn foreword but be banned from manifesto itself, say party sources.
The five things you need to know about politics today.
A senior Labour politician in Brussels has accused pro-Brexit newspapers of “panicking” over the prospect of not quitting
On behalf of all students, I would like to thank the College for organising this fun-filled event and getting more people aware and involved, and after only using the word 'catalyst' four times in this post, I sincerely hope you still get the picture.
One of the defining characteristics of the political left throughout history has been our willingness to stand up and fight for our values. We've never shied away from political battlegrounds, be they local, national or global. And what the outers somehow fail to recognise is that Europe is just another battleground. The decisions made there affect us profoundly, whether we're part of it or not.