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Most state schools spend just £1 per pupil each year on religious education, a new study claims. The statistics were released
Bad news. Militant secularism is out to get you. It wants to deprive your children of morality, rights and religious freedom. Or so says Baroness Warsi. And unfortunately she is not alone.
As the Atheist Movement continues to fight against the voice of faith in public life here in the UK, Christians - and those of all faiths for that matter - need not batten down the hatches, but rather practice their faith and talk about it openly, unapologetic and unafraid.
The study, conducted by Ipsos/MORI found that fewer than three in 10 (28%) people who called themselves Christian in the 2011 Census say they are so "because they believe in the teachings of Christianity", and only half have attended a church service (outside special occasions) in the previous 12 months.
Richard Dawkins has been labelled an "embarrassment to atheism" after clashing with a priest in a debate on BBC Radio 4. The
British Christians do not think religion should have a special influence on public policy and display low levels of belief
For many people who tread a humanist path, there is often a history of a traumatic and initially disenfranchising break from the religion of their upbringing. For myself and many others, there is one man who either eased the break somewhat or gave their faith a stay of execution. So it is with sadness and fondness that I reflect on the influence of John Hick who passed away on 10 February.
The Archbishop of Canterbury and atheist Professor Richard Dawkins are set to go head to head to discuss man's greatest question
Philosopher Alain de Botton is calling for a network of “atheist temples” to be built around Britain. De Botton’s initial