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It's not entirely clear what 'it' is, but it is clear that both Cameron and Dawkins are wrong in their own ways. The Church of England should certainly have the right to influence the moral decisions of its members, but just because our political leader is Christian, does not mean the entire nation's morals should be dictated in this way.
Controversial atheist Richard Dawkins has launched an attack on faith schools and even questioned the prime minister’s religious
Martin Amis provided the evening's most entertaining moments. Going through old photographs with Stephen Fry, he was fantastically funny, noting a baguette stowed away in Hitchens' top pocket while in Paris, and remarking upon his abundant sprouting chest-hair in another that showed him smoking a cigarette while holding a brace of pheasants on the Rothschild estate.
I've just made a big decision. I'm no longer an atheist. My stand against religion is simply not sustainable. It's defeated me. It's just too absurd that a person should be defined by what he doesn't believe in, rather than what he does. Nonsensical, in fact. And since God is just one of many things I don't believe in, I've now become an apifflist.
MEME throws up over 800 million results in 0.11 seconds, according to Google. It was first coined by Richard Dawkins in The
Winner of the 2010 Man Booker prize for The Finkler Question, Howard Jacobson is a writer unafraid to sound the alarm for our moribund culture. Jason Holmes met up with him at the Groucho Club in Soho
In this weeks New Statesman magazine there is an article called: Faith no more. Andrew Zak Williams asked an array of public