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Outspoken academic Professor Richard Dawkins has claimed Sir Tim Hunt was the victim of "a feeding frenzy of mob-rule self
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Prominent atheistRichard Dawkins has argued that children with religious parents must be protected from indoctrination. Dawkins
This problem needs to be dealt with properly, and must be tackled with caution. However, to resolve it, we must first acknowledge that the problem actually exists. A massive step for the vast majority. Then again, to acknowledge a problem exists, we must first feel that the grief it causes matters.
Richard Dawkins has laid into a viral Facebook video that claims to "demolish atheism in one minute" using a scene of a woman
Richard Dawkins has publicly condemned the murders Barakat was a second-year dental student at the University of North Carolina
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You singularly warp the weakened minds of infants into some vision of unquestioned worship, with the obtaining of mince pies and sherry as your one, despicable goal. How do you sleep at night?
Mark your calendars: June 30 is now Asteroid Day. No, that's not when we're all going to die from an asteroid strike (one
Julian Huppert, Liberal Democrat MP For Cambridge "I’ve never had any sort of religious beliefs - and never seen the need