Richard Gere

With Susan Sarandon in 'Arbitrage' There’s no doubt, though, that when cinema-goers see the name Gere come up during the
Richard Gere has revealed he's pretty bemused by his belated return to the Oscars stage, 20 years after he was banished by
Richard Gere (Pretty Woman, Chicago) gives a performance in Nicholas Jarecki's 'Arbitrage', a role that saw him nominated
Watch out ladies of the night. The 21st century man might not just be after a quickie. According to new research, men who
I recently found myself in the situation of being lectured to by a stubborn, white-clad general hospital doctor who explained how wrong I was in wanting my father transferred to a clinic specialising in the treatment of his condition.
BBC host Shane O’Connor had been talking about the actor and invited listeners to ‘get in touch if you are Richard Gere fans
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Richard Gere will collect an honorary acting award at the Rome Film Festival opening next month. Festival
"Just tell the truth," is the edict of Mike Figgis. The English director could surely be spending this weekend by his pool