Richard III

A lost fortress, believed to be “one of Jerusalem’s greatest archaeological mysteries”, has been found under a car park. The
Yesterday's funeral was about us: about what we feel when we talk about the past, or the concept of death. It was a wish-fulfilment exercise for our own confused emotions about who we are as people, and where we originated...
The whole thing became uneasy viewing... And there was one thing that many people could agree on... The levels of emotion
15th century re-enactors were among those attending Sunday's ceremonies that mark the beginning of a series of events before
Benedict Cumberbatch is currently filming scenes for ‘The Hollow Crown’, in which he plays Richard III, and now a genealogist
The BBC has shared the first OFFICIAL picture of Benedict Cumberbatch in his latest role of Richard III. If Benedict needs
A scan showing facial injuries sustained by King Richard III A further, potentially fatal injury to his pelvis was also discovered
I guess it comes down to how you like your Richard III. I prefer mine to be brooding with conspiracy and charisma, for me to be sickened and amused by him in equal measure.
Cathedral officials have unveiled a final design for the tomb in which Richard III's remains will be reinterred next year
A 3D model showing the kink in Richard III's spine, as created by scientists at the University of Leicester The findings