Richard Wiseman

Through your own thinking you can close the doors on opportunity and opportunities to make your life better and the lives of others too.
Hoorah! It's the return of Quirkology's '10 Bets You Will Always Win'! This time, Richard Wiseman is showing you how to make
Richard Wiseman is back with more fun bets you can have with your friends. And why are they fun? Because you're almost always
Hoorah! Richard Wiseman is back with another 10 bets that you're guaranteed to win. Click play to learn the tricks that will
5am. I am suddenly awake, bolt upright. A strange feeling. I had to get up NOW and do it. I knew I couldn't do anything else until I did. I needed to WRITE. The creative juices that I long to flow when I want them to were bursting through a dam of their own accord.
Remember scientist/thinker/very-wise-man Richard Wiseman's '10 Bets You Will Never Lose'? Have your friends all wised up
Richard Wiseman is a scientist, a thinker, a practical joker. You can tell because of the books he's written - Quirkology
The problem with practical jokes is often that they're often just too complicated for their own good. Just think about it
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