ricky ross

On just his second day on the job, the new head of the European Union has already been dragged into the Scottish independence
So if the expectation is that we pick up from where we left it and the answer to the referendum is a flat 'No' then I suspect Yes supporters will be able to do that. But what if the answer is 'Yes?' How will the 'No' people carry on from there?
I've been on the road. No surprise there you might think. This time it was slightly different. I was one of about a dozen in a mini-bus jooking around Scotland seeking out roads less travelled and villages and towns I've never previously visited.
In his beautiful memoir of his late father Blake Morrison asks the question, 'and when did you last see your father?'... Similarly I ask myself when was it I stopped believing I was British? Because believe me it's been a while since I felt that way.
We are asked to believe companies are going to withdraw from Scotland because the future is so uncertain. Let's not be confused here. When they tell you about seeking clarity, the only clarification they would like is for someone to withdraw the possibility of a fairer and more democratic and therefore accountable state. Unfortunately that's not going to happen so they will continue to throw their toys out of the pram until such time as they know that independence is inevitable and then, like countless money minded people before them, they will work out that they'd be better off staying put as there is a very good chance of making money. Believe me, there will be so much more of this to come.