right to work

Dear Mr Cameron... I write firstly to congratulate you on your election victory which in my opinion was won on the back of the very excellent job that you and George Osborne did in repairing our shattered economy.
Is it just me and the fact that I have my Google alerts set to pick up all immigration-related articles, or is immigration the word on everyone's lips? With the EU election having just past and the UK election being less than 12 months away, immigration will continue to be the buzz word on the political frontline for some time to come.
As regional leaders next week gather for the African economic conference in Johannesburg, within post-apartheid's wealthiest province, the leader of some of South Africa's poorest communities prepares to join forces with allies overseas in the bid for justice and the right to the city.
The former head of Marks & Spencer has defended the Government's controversial work experience scheme and accused protesters
It was a week of small victories for the Right to Work campaign, starting last weekend with the temporary closure of a small Tesco store in Westminster that had been encircled by its protestors, continuing with the supermarket chain's subsequent decision to pay people on the government's controversial (as it must now seemingly always be prefixed) Get Britain Working programme, and ending with Burger King deciding to pull out of the scheme altogether.
Burger King has pulled out of the government's controversial work experience scheme. The fast food giant said it had decided
Tesco has called on the government to stop forcing youths to undertake work experience in exchange for receiving benefits
Police were called to a demonstration in a central London Tesco store on Saturday over a job advert that appeared earlier