Rik Mayall dies

A study about to be published in the 'International Journal of Cardiology' has found that the funniest comedians suffer dramatically reduced longevity, compared to their relatively less funny counterparts.
A bench matching the one featured in the opening credits of the BBC comedy 'Bottom' is to be officially installed in the
Rik Mayall's funeral has taken place in Devon and was attended by many stars of the comedy and entertainment world. Dawn
Dawn French says she has been left in 'utter shock' following the death of Rik Mayall earlier this week. Dawn - who starred
Rik Mayall suffered an "acute cardiac event" after returning from a morning run, his widow said today. Barbara Mayall said
Rik Mayall's daughter has paid tribute to the comedian, who died suddenly on Monday at the age of 56. Bonnie Mayall posted
Rik Mayall's wife has spoken for the first time since his death and revealed she doesn't know what killed him. Rik - who
What was Rik Mayall’s appeal? "He was incredibly childlike," Caitlin Moran told Paxo on Monday's Newsnight, "but he also
Stars of the entertainment world have been paying tribute to Rik Mayall, who has died at the age of 56. A spokesman for the