Rik Mayall tributes

I'm 11 years old and I'm stood at my white MFI desk in my pink bedroom, in a bungalow, in Redditch - home to Rik Mayall, Kevin Turvey and me. I'm holding a purple and black spotted furry photo frame about the size of a passport and wondering what to put in it...
We wrote the film specifically with his voice in mind but as unproven directors with barely a short film to our name at that point, the general perception was that we didn't stand a chance of landing him. We didn't even have any real money on offer, so to actually get him for the part was amazing. 'Rik likes our script! Maybe we're not wasting our time with this film-making thing after all!', we thought.
Rik Mayall's grieving fans have found a timely way to express their admiration for the comic star - by making sure his old
Rik Mayall's daughter has paid tribute to the comedian, who died suddenly on Monday at the age of 56. Bonnie Mayall posted
Since Rik Mayall’s death on Monday, plenty of tributes have poured in from fans and his celebrity friends and colleagues
Rik Mayalldied on Monday 9 June and fans - including plenty of celebrities - have been sharing their fond memories of him