BlackBerry has released its latest smartphone - though you'd be forgiven if you didn't notice. The former king of the smartphones
BlackBerry is considering putting itself up for sale as the struggling smartphone maker seeks to revive the fortunes of the
BlackBerry might have changed its name - but it hasn't changed its fortunes. According to its latest set of financial results
While it's true that BlackBerry has fallen behind the times in recent years compared to Google's Android, Apple's iPhone
BlackBerry makers Research In Motion have reported a loss of $235m for the quarter - but their shares have jumped anyway
BlackBerry makers Research In Motion have reported a loss of $235m for the quarter - but their shares have jumped anyway
BlackBerry isn't dying, the company's CEO claims. Well, he would say that. Research in Motion Chief Executive Thorsten Heins
Newspapers and broadcasters are preparing obituaries for RIM. The Blackberry apocalypse is nigh.
BlackBerry makers Research In Motion have been said to be on 'death watch' by technology industry insiders after a disastrous
BlackBerry makers Research In Motion (RIM) have high hopes for their next mobile OS - so high, in fact, they've skipped two
BlackBerry used to set the trends, then they tried to follow them with the launch of touchscreen phones and tablet computers, now they're trying to fight them. I'm not sure they'll succeed.
Apple fans everywhere, 8 million BBMers across these Isles of Wonder are laughing at your highly coveted iPhone 4S which
The outage and the sales demise have left RIM under much scrutiny; perhaps now the BlackBerry brand has fallen into being the second or third choice of smartphone, and they will just have to live with that for time being.
Research In Motion (RIM), the makers of BlackBerry handsets, have revealed that its much-vaunted next generation of smartphones
As I travel the globe talking about online child protection I have been delighted to be able to tell audiences about the exemplary response of the British mobile phone industry to some of the challenges of online child protection.
My girlfriend has a BlackBerry, one of my housemates has an iPhone, and another housemate has both; they've all been having a spot of bother this week. I have an Android phone and so I've rarely been more smug, which is saying something.
It's day four of BlackBerry's communication breakdown and while services are slowly coming back online, the network, owned
The hardcore among us who feel some loyalty to the devices and platform might yet tolerate this but those who got a BlackBerry for BBM and BBM alone and find that the rug has been pulled from under them might feel a little differently when their upgrade date rolls around.
Research In Motion, makers of BlackBerry mobile phones, have issued a statement apologising for two days of continuing service
The BlackBerry/RIM network was down again this afternoon for the second day running and angry customers turned to Twitter