Rio De Janeiro

The famed Brazilian monument was illuminated on Easter Sunday to honour the health care workers combatting the coronavirus pandemic.
Clauvino da Silva had donned a silicone mask, wig and women's clothes in his attempted jailbreak on Saturday
Clauvino da Silva wore a silicone mask, wig, pink shirt and tight jeans.
At least ten people are believed to be dead after Rio de Janeiro was hit with torrential rain. Flooding and mudslides have caused havoc in the second largest city in Brazil, with mayor Marcelo Crivella calling a state of emergency. Heavy rains are expected to continue for the rest of the week as residents have been urged to not to go outside if possible.
Weak U.S. laws mean it’s not just our guns being trafficked; it’s our gun violence, too.
“It’s going to be up to the next generation to make sure this work gets finished,” said Moms Demand Action’s founder.
With the Olympics, every single sporting event was filmed by the host broadcaster and was available for audiences to watch. With the Paralympics, it has been a completely different story. There are currently no television cameras being used at all to record some sporting events including the rowing. As a result, Channel 4 resorted to sending their own camera crews out to the rowing venue so viewers in the UK could enjoy at least some sort of coverage. When a country can't even commit to providing cameras and live coverage of all sporting events, should they even be allowed to host the games?