Rio Olympics

UKSport has succeeded in finding the best athletes, retaining them, and pushing them to the highest levels. Today the UK bleeds scientists like it bleeds doctors and its bureaucracy cripples the ones that stay. Imagine if the research councils became more like UKSport
UPDATE: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Tuesday’s Olympic Parade In London Manchester and London are set to stage
Everyone needs someone to help them live a positive life and realise their true potential. This is why I set up my charity, Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, eight years ago on the eve of the Beijing Games. I embarked on this mission because I realised two things: not enough young people have a mentor figure in their life; and secondly because I knew the solution.
Women in sport are still underpaid and undervalued, essentially treated as second class citizens compared to their male counterparts
Equality in sports ought to be a given, so the fact that professional women participants still generally earn less than their male equivalents is a scandal... The Gender Balance in Global Sport report just published has found what it calls a 'vast' wage gap still existing, two years after first highlighting the problem.
The BBC dedicated 3000 hours over 16 days to the Olympic Games.
There are many fans of sport in this country but, judging by his comments to, it would seem that veteran naturalist
The number of sports featured in the Olympic Games, for various reasons, changes constantly. The 2016 Rio de Janeiro event had 28 games, as had the previous three Olympics since 2000. In 2012, the games in London had only 26 after baseball and softball were dropped by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).