Rio Olympics

A five-year-old offered to give boxer Michael Conlan his own school sports day medal after Conlan’s Olympic defeat. Finn
As Mrs May and her cohorts look at what needs to be done to create a Britain equipped to face the challenges of the future they could do worse than look at the root and branch reforms adopted by British sport over the last 20 years and the single-mindedness with which improvement was pursued.
Perhaps it is too much for us to expect that the Olympics, even with Team GB's success, could get people more active just as a by-product. There's a huge difference between cheering on Andy Murray from the comfort of the settee to actually getting out on a tennis court to have a go.
On a global scale, the Olympic Games allowed the world to witness moments of human achievement rather than tragedy and it's no wonder that businesses large and small are keen to associate themselves with sport and why the benefits go beyond the playing field, the track or the pool.
The fact that idiotic comments from the likes of John Inverdale are referred to as 'slips' is notable. It implies that he has momentarily forgotten that he is on TV and has certain standards to uphold, and is instead letting his true thoughts about female athletes bubble to the surface. As if it's normal, and expected.
Perhaps by the time Tokyo 2020 rolls around, we will begin to see female athletes' and commentators sporting abilities and talents the primary focus of media attention. We have also seen women across the world achieving some remarkable things and being duly credited for them. However, despite 39% of team GB medal-winners being women, it is still an arena in which women are treated as second-class competitors.
Tennis is much more interesting with added CGI.
Many of this year’s Olympic events were held in areas with bright green walls, floors and backdrops. As some internet users
He's probably scaring the sh*t out of the North Korean Olympians.