In this case, it seems the judiciary went too far. It is surely questionable to factor into sentencing a febrile public mood, particularly when it is stoked by politicians and commentators peddling emotive and unscientific ideas about human behaviour.
The riots were the result of a tangled web of causes, inextricably linked and combining in such a way to create a 'perfect storm' on 6 August 2011. In order to assess whether more riots are on the cards, we need to look at these causes in turn and for each cause, ask ourselves this: Have things improved since 2011? Have we tackled the underlying problem?
Fifteen police officers were injured during a second night of sectarian clashes in North Belfast, bringing the number of
The man accused of starting the fire that destroyed the House of Reeves furniture store in Croydon in August has pleaded
Retailer JD Sports has revealed that more than £700,000 of stock was stolen from 16 of its stores during last month's riots
August 2011. United Kingdom - Riots have escalated throughout the land. The usually mundane conservative lives of UK citizens have been disrupted. Anarchy has officially hit England.