Rishi Sunak

Conservative MPs broke ranks with the prime minister over petrol cars as well as infected blood compensation.
Some 22 Conservative MPs back Labour amendment supporting contaminated blood victims.
Foreign workers will need to earn at least £38,700 before they get a visa.
New research reveals that the coalition which handed Boris Johnson a landslide victory in 2019 has now "imploded".
Including the date when researchers expect the cost of living crisis is peak...
A series of government mishaps in recent weeks have damaged the prime minister's standing among rank-and-file Conservatives.
Victoria Atkins refused to say that Rishi Sunak will hit his target to bring the down.
Climate campaigner's criticism comes after Rishi Sunak scaled back net zero pledges.
Conservative MPs already "resigned to defeat" at the next election following "toddler tantrum" over the Elgin Marbles.
"The King is flanked at the summit by two men who remain committed to climate-wrecking policies," ActionAid says.