Rizzle Kicks

The Rizzle Kicks star-turned-actor shares how sobriety is helping him stay "emotionally resilient while intellectually aware".
Mental health doesn't discriminate. It can and does effect anyone. Taking the time to pay attention to how your words effect those around you will only lead to your feeling more empowered and comfortable in yourself. In my opinion, that's what it means to be whole. To treat the world as you would do yourself. All outward negativity only reflects how you perceive your own state. So give yourself some love. Shout out life.
We haven’t heard from the Rizzle Kicks for a while, but the hip hop duo from Brighton has burst back into action, with a
The project initially started back in October 2014 in London before moving on to twelve further venues around the country. Sixteen finalists were chosen to represent three categories of contemporary music and two of classical.
Click here to see the NSFW pic - but don't say we didn't warn you it's pretty full-on... However, you just can't please everyone
Hey Morgan has pulled a Preston from The Ordinary Boy after storming off 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks'. The Fun Lovin' Criminals
We were chatting to the kids and the amazing staff who work at the London's Kids Company, about what the filming we we were doing, we found out that some of them had never been to the cinema, a cinema, any cinema. We decided to change that. We needed to put them in front of a cinema screen.
20 years after the tragic murder of teenager Stephen Lawrence, music's biggest names are uniting for a special concert championing
Chart stars Rizzle Kicks are offering work placements to up to 150 young people who will be recruited to work on their new