road accidents

The department revealed that preliminary statistics in the province from Thursday April 26 to Monday April 30, "painted a very worrying picture".
Reacting to three horror crashes on Friday, the transport minister said that ultimately, road users needed to take responsibility for their behaviour.
It may be a time for family and festive cheer, but Christmas can also bring unexpected risks. This point in the calendar
The warm pubs, the parties, the bottle of wine before going to bed... they all translate to more alcohol, and more peril on our roads at Christmas. According to figures released under the Freedom of Information act in a piece of research commissioned by Jennings Motor Group there is generally a rise in drink-driving of around the festive period.
Tell them that at thirty-one years old I was the happiest man alive when I married the love of my life. Tell them that I was utterly bereft when I lost her at thirty-three. Tell them I've thirty-five now and depressed. Tell them that I put a good face on but that the truth is that things haven't really got much easier. Tell them from me how hard it is to be a bereaved single parent.
In terms of things that could go wrong on the motorway this has to be one of the least likely, but most scary. A lorry driver's
A driver and passenger have walked away from a crash which left their car hanging over a motorway. Their vehicle hit a barrier
Two people got an earlier than expected postal delivery when a Royal Mail lorry crashed into the side of a house in Hampshire
A motorist has chalked up a record-high 45 penalty points on his driving licence in a nine-month offending spree and is still
Yet another cyclist has been killed in a collision with a lorry, the sixth cyclist in less than two weeks to be killed on