road traffic accident

The most recent road traffic collision (RTC) figures from April 2017 show that, for several years running, July has been the most dangerous time of year for cyclists, with the summer weather encouraging reluctant cyclists to dust the cobwebs off their bikes and hit the roads.
The following statement won't surprise many. Flying is the safest way of transport. Worldwide statistics show that we undertake much greater risks while getting into our cars and on busses. Yet, air accidents receive most publicity. Plane disasters carry the biggest headlines due to the one-time volume of victims.
I am already sensing an even heavier caseload for the courts as a result of this new offence and the ramifications and time that it will take to fully prepare a case where the defendant pleads not guilty.
UPDATE: More than three thousand individual donations have now been made with the total raised exceeding £40,000. The charity
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