Robert Burns

The suspect was detained after climbing a tree in Congleton following a police pursuit.
As people in Scotland and around the world get ready to celebrate Burns Night, we take a look at the man behind the much-loved tradition and explain what goes down at the all important supper.
Hugh Gaffney used a racist term and reportedly 'joked' that Robbie Burns wasn't 'bent'.
Come Wednesday it will be time to raise a glass of whisky, dust off your dancing shoes and gorge on er, haggis. The occasion
Burns Night is celebrated on 25 January every year - but do you have any idea what the day is actually about? The celebration
I'm a proud Scot as well as a Brit, and I fear that when I get my new passport with the Greatest Englishman on every single page, it's going to annoy me every time I look at it. And I'm a 'No' voter.
After hours of experimentation with different ingredients and techniques I think I have finally found the perfect recipe which encompasses the true Scottish feel in a glass - this is my Haggis Manhattan!
I'm writing this in the very pub that I first experienced a real Burns supper. As a child, I'd seen the grown-ups drinking copious amounts of whisky, and heard my Dad trying to do justice to the words of Scotland's famous son - but it wasn't until I was 18 (well, a little younger, but let's not go there...) that I heard Robert Burns' words...
At Balliol College, we supposedly celebrated Burns Night because of 'our Scottish ancestry'. In reality, we celebrated Burns Night because of my English tutor, a charming raconteur with a penchant for interesting dinner parties and wistful poetry recitation, who enjoyed to its fullest extent Burns Night's potential to increase his undergraduates whiskey allowance...