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A Tory minister has praised Jeremy Corbyn for attracting hundreds of thousands of young people to Labour  - and warned his
Some constituencies are on the verge of disaster, he told HuffPost UK
The Conservative Party is “in danger of dying” unless it convinces people it stands for NHS nurses not BHS bosses, the party’s
Abiding by international norms is what most governments do unless and until those norms can be amended and Abadi should understand that without a truly fresh start, pro-Kurdish voices will become louder.
The dynamic speed and scale of the unfolding crisis in Iraq have left many opinion-formers and policy-makers keen to catch up with events. British friends of Kurdistan have also been quick to rally to the cause.
Several MPs referred favourably to Ukrainian communities and organisations in their constituencies in a recent Commons debate on Russian actions against Ukraine. Such links with voters, who may be seen as newsworthy locally and electorally important, makes MPs more attentive.
Here are the five things you need to know on Friday 7 March 2014... 1) 'NAZI' UKIP HAS DONE US A FAVOUR, SAYS TORY MP Forget
Some Ukip members are "literally akin to Nazis", a Conservative MP has said. Robert Halfon, the MP for Harlow, said in many
The Conservative Party should rename itself the "Workers' Party" and replace its tree logo with a ladder, a leading Tory
In their different ways, the Tory trio are seeking to learn the right lessons from Iraq, and deepen the UK's foreign policy debate. Liberal interventionism has been undermined since 2003 but careless insularity, combined with a puerile anti-imperialism, does nothing for current and future victims of tyrants everywhere.